Jamie Plunkett Fitness - Www.jamieplunkettfitness.com IS A RIP OFF

Rancho Santa Margarita, California 1 comment
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jamie plunkett fitness is A RIP OFF. Jamie is very misleading! Told me what I wanted to hear.

Not worth the money. Beware of Jamie.

I tried his classes for 6 weeks and actually got worst for me than better. I followed his program to the "T" I did everything he instructed for the the six weeks. I complained to Jamie and it went to deaf ears. I also spoke to other people and the class and they too felt they got RIP OFF. Very misleading. Beware of this guy Jamie Plunkett. You will see that I am telling the truth.



Mission, Kansas, United States #606874

Funny this is from California and we're located in KS. Also, we don't offer 6 week programs. If you are concerned we don't get results, look at our testimonials

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